Teaching philosophy

A Student-Centered Approach to Instruction

To be an effective facilitator of learning, a teacher must implement a variety of tactics and maintain a student-centered environment. As a teacher, it is my goal to connect with and inspire every student I work with. Every student has the potential to improve, and my objective is to facilitate students’ growth by implementing thoughtful, well-organized lessons tailored to fit their needs.

I believe in being open and communicative, building a strong rapport with my students and encouraging them to be genuine in our interactions and to have the confidence to take risks and try new things. This is especially important when teaching English as a second or other language, as students are sometimes (too) easily intimidated by their own inevitable mistakes as they develop fluency.

Like John Dewey, I believe that education can profoundly influence the lives of those who pursue it. I make myself available to my students at every stage of every goal they set out to accomplish. When teaching writing this means acting as a mentor during every stage from pre-writing and the organization of ideas, to revision and the polishing of the final draft. When teaching English as a second or other language it means being there for strong support as students master the basics of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation as well as when they encounter more challenging aspects of the English language when moving through “beginning,” “intermediate,” and “advanced” English language lessons.

My students find that their hard work pays off; the education my students gain serves them well in many other situations — scholastic, professional, and beyond. Like Constance Weaver, I take a practical approach to writing instruction. I believe that the instruction of writing should be such that students learn not only the skills they need to excel in a particular field of study, but also the skills they will need for effective communication in a wide variety of situations.

Whether or not they develop a new passion for writing and the English language as a result of my lessons, my students leave my classes confident in the knowledge that they have improved and moved closer to realizing their goals.


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Christine Ghattas (Christine Bonnie Ghattas) is a teacher and artist from the United States. View all posts by Christine Ghattas

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