“Primeras Impresiones de Costa Rica”

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This collection, “Primeras Impresiones de Costa Rica,” is made up of five paintings, each of which represents a time of day and its mood as we move from moment to moment and hour to hour. This is a truly beautiful place, and time seems to flow differently here; the early sunrise and sunset times, together with the generally relaxed pace of the people here, makes me feel like time is on a different sort of schedule. It’s a difficult sensation to explain in words, which is why I am happy I’ve been able to capture the feel of it with these paintings.


About Christine Ghattas

Christine Ghattas (Christine Bonnie Ghattas) is an artist from the United States. She has enjoyed creating art since she was a child, and finds inspiration everywhere, all the time — in everyday moments as well as grand experiences and faraway places. View all posts by Christine Ghattas

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