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My name is Christine Ghattas, and I am a teacher and artist from the United States. I created this site to document my travels and share my experiences and lessons as I teach English as a foreign language abroad. One of my top goals in coming months is to continue to grow and develop in order to be the best teacher I can be, now and when I eventually return to the States.

In May of 2011, I left my job teaching at a university in the United States to live, teach, and paint abroad. My first stop was Costa Rica, where I earned my CELTA certification to teach English as a second or other language. I was in Costa Rica for several months, living near the capital in lovely San Pedro, and it was a wonderful experience, adventures, misadventures, and all. I learned a lot there, and I met and made friends with wonderful people whom I miss and hope to see again sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Now I am in Chile, a country I wanted to visit since I was ten years old (along with Morocco, but that’s for another time perhaps). I had never been to Chile and did not know anyone here, just as before I went to Costa Rica, but not to worry; this is no deterrent in itself. I have yet to run into a problem that could not be overcome with a positive attitude and sufficient common sense, as well as a little luck from time to time.  Besides, people are wonderful; newcomer (and gringa!) or not, I have met many who are truly wonderful and welcoming in both Costa Rica and Chile.

I’ll be posting blog updates, photos, ESL lesson plans, paintings regularly, so I hope you’ll check back often for updates.